The myth of werewolves originated centuries ago in a time when people were less enlightened and more fearful of the supernatural.

People believed that you could be transformed into a werewolf if you were bitten by one, and in some cases it was thought that the bite of an ordinary wolf was enough to cause you to become cursed. Once afflicted with the curse of the werewolf it was believed that the different phases of the moon cycle could influence your behavior and transformations.

Are Werewolves RealIn particular, the full moon was thought to cause you to transform into a wolfman causing you to give in to the instincts of the beast. Werewolves were a source of terror for many years with only pure metal silver weapons believed to be a reliable defense against them.

Fortunately in modern times our belief in such creatures has largely faded and werewolves are no a source of fear for our society. Despite the realization that werewolves are mythical, they continue to have a major impact upon our society. The image of the wolf is prominent, as is the use of werewolves in modern fiction.

Even though werewolves are now recognized as the stuff of fantasies and nightmares by most people, they continue to intrigue and inspire us with their fearsome natures. They are featured prominently in many horror movies and have caused more than a few people to secretly fear the night. In addition to horror films they are often featured in fantasy films, and have even been turned into comic book heroes and villains. The long mythical history and naturally terrifying appearance of werewolves makes them a natural choice to be featured in modern fiction.

The image of a werewolf is so iconic that once you see one on screen they are instantly recognizable. The transformation of werewolves from a genuine source of fear into a source of entertainment is something that people would likely have a hard time understanding in the past. Still they are a part of popular culture now, and due to their legendary status and iconic appearance they will likely remain so for the foreseeable future.

There is something about the werewolf that has both inspired and terrified humanity for centuries. The idea of a man or woman possessed by the spirit of an animal and giving in to their darker natures is something that intrigues people in a way that few other things can. While werewolves were once believed to be a genuine threat, they are now relegated by most rational people to being a figment of the imagination of a less enlightened time. Werewolves now serve as both villains and heroes in movies and other forms of entertainment, instead of being a genuine source of fear for us.

Werewolves have the unique quality of being instantly recognizable due to their long and storied history in various mythologies. This makes them a perfect choice for many types of media since the audience can instantly recognize and identify with them. As long as people remain fascinated by the thought of unleashing the dark side that hides within us all, werewolves will remain a steady part of popular culture.

  • As a side note, there are still many folks around the world who believe that werewolves are real. They are part of their belief system and culture for hundreds of years and continue to be feared.

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      • Yes, they are very real, I have seen them twice in my life. The first time when was 17 and the second time when I was 31. The first time I saw one I was living in southern Arizona. I was driving home on the back roads with a friend, when something ran into the truck as we were going around a corner. It was shortly after 11:00 pm, the road we were on was an old dirt road and it had been raining so it was muddy and slick. I stopped the truck to make sure it wasn’t a cow or horse that had hit the truck. While looking back down the road my friend and I saw the werewolf standing in there in the middle of the road. It was about 7 feet tall, it had a long snout like a husky and it had GLOWING red eyes. It wasn’t eye shine from the tail lights either. I was raised in the country and know what eye shine from tail lights looks like. We were both shocked and to be honest scared to death of what we were seeing. My friend started screaming at me to drive and I wasn’t about to say no in that situation. The thing started chasing the truck and stayed with us until I hit 35 or 40 mph, then it slowly fell behind.

        The second time I was visiting my family in northern Oklahoma. I was driving around with three of my cousins when we saw the werewolf standing in the brush beside the road ahead of us. I stopped the car and we sat there watching it. It was very tall, between 7 and 8 feet had the same long snout and the same glowing red eyes. This was about 9:30 pm, mid July, anyway we watched it and it watched us. I don’t know how long we sat there watching each other, but after what seemed like forever I noticed another vehicle coming up behind me. At that point the thing ran across the road and disappeared into the woods.

        In both instances I had other people with me, in both instances I called the police and reported what we had seen and in both instances they thought we were either telling a lie or pulling a prank on them.

        Yes, they are very real and nobody can tell me that they aren’t!

        • Ok the next time you see a werewolf tell it to com to new jersey and bit me on my BUTT so I can become a werewolf

        • I believe you,I didnt see it though.my mom did
          I left my bookbag at my great grandmas house and she was going on childers road and it was in the road she said it was hairy and yellow or green eyes and it stood on its back legs plus,it looked at her like it wasn’t scared of her,like it wanted to kill her this was at about
          1:00 am

        • If they had red eyes they weren’t werewolves werewolves have gold eyes we might have a reddish tint but only when we are really angry

        • Werewolves are real, that I can agree on. Some of us don’t know that we’re werewolves until we find out. Which I’m now just finding out that I may actually be one and I live near a forest and I’ve seen a blood red moon during the summer I felt so weird like really sleepy and I didn’t want to go to sleep, and that was when I was 13, only two years ago, and now that I will be 16 in October, last month, March 4, 9pm there was a full moon and I woke up with this huge headack, I tried to lay back down but I couldn’t after awhile not in the moonlight it was gone, then I layed back down and 5 seconds later it happens again. I have not told my parents about this because they wouldn’t believe me.

    • Why? Would you like to spectate yourself killing everyone! And even possibly killing yourself! If this happened youd be watching a harry version of yourself murder the whole world for 12 hours! It would be cool if you were a horror lover or killer but noit would not be that cool.

  1. hey :)
    the website it pretty good, but i dont get it are they real or not, or is it just belief in that person (up to the person)?

    • You must be born one, you must survive an attack by one or you can drink from the footprint of a werewolf that’s under the influence of the moon, meaning while its in wolf form.

  2. This is sad….. i am an actual werewolf you humans shouldnt try to meddle with us unless you either A. have a death wish or be know what you getting into if your trying to become one of us

    • Okay, so the guy I’m talking to just told me he was a werewolf… I’m not sure whether to believe him or not.. Help?

    • I’m a werewolf and the name of my pack is night walkers i know it sounds weird and all but it’s true. If you want to become a werewolf please think twice about it. Yeah it sounds all badass cause your different and have alot of supernatural powers. But it’s not as cool as it seems. I wanted to become one so bad that i ended up bumping into one at a park. And boy did that person smell. So after a while i forgot about it and i saw the same person again. I walked up to him and said, ‘Hey who are you, and what do you want.’ He responded,(with a cold glance at me), ‘Do you belive in monster’s???’ Well it depends on what kind of-‘ That’s when it happend. He was gone. I started walking to the restroom and (of course it was night) so i end up seeing a shadow by the restroom. I get closer to it and it grabs me. I try to scream but it covers my mouth. I take a breath in and smell that rotten smell that was there when the man was talking to me. Next thing i know i feel something on my neck like teeth. I feel his teeth against my neck and i’m there frozen in shock. He takes off the beaten jacket he had on to reveal a nice T-shirt. He pushes me inside one of the bathroom stalls and says, ‘Do you belive in monster’s? Well do you!!!’ ‘Yes i do and yo-‘ He starts touching and kissing me. ‘Get off me you sick pervert!!!’ He doesn’t stop and then he takes off his shirt. His lips kissing my neck, and then his teeth against it. All of a suden a Big black shadow comes and rips him off me. ‘Thank You!!!! You saved my li-‘ AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The shadow bit my neck. For the last couple of days i’ve been getting craves for meat and blood. One time my friend was bleeding in P.E and saw that noone was looking so i dicited to drink it. It felt akward. But hey afterwards i felt better. I felt so full of energy. Then well i went up to this kid and i smelt him and he had the scent of a wolf on him. ‘You bit me last night!!!!’ ‘Shhh!!!’ I look around and see everyone staring at me. ‘So you do know???’ ‘Yes look i’m in this pack and i kinda have a crush on you so i smelt a vampire near and dicided, hey why not kill it? So i go and i see you. So i saved you.’ ‘But you didn’t have to bite me!!!’ ‘Actually i did he had already bit you and well i wanted you in our pack so here you are in our pack now.’ ‘B-But. . . . . . . I have a life.’ ‘It was either you died and he lived or he died and you lived so i did the second one.’ ‘I’ll be in your pack but who’s in charge?’ ‘Well so far you.’ ‘What?’ ‘We wanted you to be our alpha so your the alpha.’ ‘Who’s we?’ ‘Me and a few friends of mine don’t worry they won’t bite.’ ‘I hope not.’ So if you need help on werewolf stuff just comment something and i’ll answer as best as i can.

      • i want to be one i think about it all the time but why well you tell the wold that your one? they mint hunt you down or something but i do really want to be one i think and think about it i want to be one so bad but it also mite be scary but i think i can take it i do know a lot about them and just thinking about it makes me want to be one even more i even dream about it :/

      • Do you understand what you’re asking for? Do you understand that every month you will lose control and be just like a wolf out hunting and KILLING? Do you understand that you can never have a normal life ever again after that? Do you understand that your children will be cursed and that they won’t have a choice in the matter?


    • i understand u. they shouldn’t meddle with us……..are u inna pack? i kinda need to know a few things about our kind…..i am a newly bit cub, u could say…….could u help me?

    • I am trying to become one of you with all my heart butt i am not afraid of anying include all of you . I never back down from a fight NEVER.

    • warewofs are (( MYTHS )) people don’t be so dumb, and if they were real there would be a lot more deaths. and a lot more mythic things around next thing you no you will see people wanting to know how to become a unicorn

      • werewolves are not true , if u every watch teen wolf u will love it but also want to become one , people in the past said they where real but never saw one , if they where real there would be more people dead and people missing .

  3. Okay first off if all of our mythical creatures are real Props to them for blending in. I would love to meet up with some mythical being but lets be honest here they are not out the promoting themselves for a reason. So all I have to say is if your out there stay safe and don’t let the loonies know where you are. You have had to hide what you are for a reason. For all of you that wish to be one you have no clue what you are asking for and would most likely go mad or rouge and have to be “dealt with”. So just be happy with who you are. Stay safe all.

    • are u sure u want to be a werewolfs just because of those things or is it because u want to be good at something….cause me myself im a werewolf it wasn’t easy to be on I need to do all kinds of things just to be a wolf but I got bitting by the alfa it hurt by I couldn’t belive the power that I have now it feels so good and plz don’t try to be a wolf theirs a lot of things that can go worn like when I first got bitten I was so mad at my little sister I wanted to kill her but I stared to comedown truest me its hard been a werewolf

  4. my crush/friend says he’s a werewolf. i’m checking to see if they’re real. if they’re real, im scared if not, he’s lying! honestly he even said he was a vampire, lie. slenderman, obviously lie. and a fire controller, lie. and a weather controller, lie. and now a WEREWOLF!? WHY IS HE SAYING THIS CRAP!

  5. Your all sad do you really want to have to worry about your love ones every night that u might get hungry and kill them it never a good felling so stop Pickering about being one till you think about the Affects in your life and others.

  6. guyz trust me you dont want that am saying this i will probably get punished by saying it they are for real and am one of them and trust me its not something you want

  7. i believe in them and i want to be one though i believe if we study them and spend more time researching them something might happen and heads up i am thinking about walking in the woods and getting my self bit XD i might

  8. We are real we go out at night we search u all want to be one of us but really it is a curse u may enjoy jumping higher and becoming stronger but when u tern it’s horrible u don’t know I ure going to kill someone or not and once u see a full moon ure stuck with it it’s a curse and u don’t want be one sure the council say its good they lure u in then ure stuck believe me u don’t wanna be one unless u control ure anger and can keep ure mouth shut !!!!

    • so ur a real werewolf want kind are u a alfa,batia,omiaga
      cause im a alfa and it is hard to control ur anger and belive me or not im one of the strongts alfa so don’t mess with me if die

  9. it wouldn’t be a walk in the park you would have to leave your family and if u had kids they would inharet ur curse

  10. so where did u get most of this info? and how do u know it is true? if u could tell me more about them and why u study them, that would be amazing. i know a bit about werewolves and other things……that would be grate if u could tell me more about werewolves. hope we can talk thanks! :)

  11. okay if u want to be one of us then u might die the first night and u might not but if u are one of us u sould now wats gonna happen when the ppl find out

  12. Oh My what big imagination all of you have. Besides if you want to become something like a werewolf so bad you would do a little more research and learn that it’s not a gift. It’s a curse! It (if it was possible) would ruin your life.- Little Red

  13. I don’t like to use my name Well they are every much real even if I never seen one my self well I think I have when I was young me and my family went up to the mountains I seen a big white beast dashing through the snow I ran back to my mom I was crying I couldn’t speak my mom though I was cold but when I got home I never wanted to play again I was teaching my self how to hunt but now I think about it I could have seen one but I am going to find out for sure soon I going to hunt for 3weeks if I see one I might talk about it but don’t really like talking about me

  14. I would really want to be a werewolf but I would like to know how it feels to live like One first. And how do you know if your a werewolf? Cause I would like to know when you turn into a werewolf and How you turn into a werewolf for the first time? Please tell me if you know…. I would really appreciate it..

  15. i want to be one don’t worry i thought it all out for most of my life and i know how to control my anger iv bin practicing. i beat theres no werewolves in Montana but if there is that will be cool :)

  16. i really really want to become a werewolf. i have a secret obsession with wolves and especially werewolves. i would like to know what would happen when i first turn, what i would need to do, and who is really a werewolf and who is not. i really believe that they are real no matter what the people on here say. i really want to become one but im not sure how. i know you have to be born one, be bitten, but im not sure how else. can someone please give some advice or come bite me?

    • If u have a sercrat obession why wood u post is and I want to be a werewolf as well but think of the change In ur life if u want to be alone and scared u will hurt someone like ur own family

  17. I am a awesome addition to any pack, Come turn me I prefer drinking blood over a bite. I have always felt a Wolf inside me waiting to get out. I am fast and agile, I feel like a wolf trapped behind human skin this is no disquise this is my prison. Come free me.

  18. hey do any of you know if werewolves are real and if any live in hunington west Virginia and how to become one I would really like to become one even with knowing that their will be consequences, responsibilities, and dangers that come with it also if u know of any packs around hunington west Virginia I would really like to join one

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